I-13.3 - Education Act

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272.16. A local municipality that has incurred expenses to comply with its obligations under section 272.2 may require a financial contribution from another local municipality if the school or centre established is intended to serve students from the territory of that other local municipality.
If a municipality has transferred to a school service centre an immovable that the municipality did not need to acquire in order to fulfill its obligation under section 272.10, the value of the municipal assessment of the transferred immovable is considered to be an expense incurred by the municipality.
The expenses incurred by a municipality are reduced by any payment received from a school service centre under the second paragraph of section 272.11.
The amount of the financial contribution is set by agreement, taking into account such things as the distribution of students by their municipalities of origin. The school service centre concerned shall, on request, provide the municipalities with data on the municipalities of origin of the students served by the school or centre as well as any other data that it holds which could be useful for the purpose of entering into the agreement.
If the municipality requires a contribution from two or more municipalities, a single agreement must be entered into by all the municipalities concerned. The amount of the contribution may vary between municipalities.
If the municipalities are unable to enter into an agreement setting the amount of the contribution, the municipality that incurred the expenses may ask the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy to mandate the Commission municipale du Québec to conduct a study on the contribution to be paid by each municipality concerned. Sections 24.7 to 24.15 of the Act respecting the Commission municipale (chapter C-35) apply, with the necessary modifications.
2020, c. 12020, c. 1, s. 118.
See 2020, c. 1, s. 334