C-67.2 - Cooperatives Act

Full text
224. (Repealed).
1982, c. 26, s. 224; 1984, c. 28, s. 8; 2003, c. 18, s. 119.
224. The office of general manager or manager is not incompatible with the position of director.
1982, c. 26, s. 224; 1984, c. 28, s. 8.
224. A cooperative may by by-law
(1)  establish supplementary conditions of admission, expulsion or suspension of members, taking account of its particular object;
(2)  require any person applying for membership to submit to a period of probation and to a technical and cooperative training course, on the conditions determined in the by-laws;
(3)  form a reception committee for new members or auxiliary members;
(4)  form a liaison committee between the members and the board of directors;
(5)  establish a procedure for laying off members when there is a lack of work and a procedure of recall to work.
The by-laws must also determine the mode of incorporation, the number of members, the mode of election or appointment, the quorum and everything necessary for the proper functioning of the reception committee and liaison committee.
1982, c. 26, s. 224.