C-67.2 - Cooperatives Act

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221.2.6. The application for authorization must contain the name and domicile of the cooperative, a description of the building, the total amount obtained under any assistance program referred to in section 221.2.3 and a certified statement from the Land Registrar of the charges encumbering it. In the case of an alienation or the establishment of emphyteusis, it must also state the nature and conditions of the juridical act contemplated, the name of the acquirer, assignee or future beneficiary, and the sale price of the building; in the case of a change in destination, it must specify the proposed destination.
On receiving an application for authorization, the Minister shall inform the Confédération québécoise des coopératives d’habitation and, if applicable, the federation of housing cooperatives operating in the region where the building is located, which have 30 days to submit their observations.
In analyzing the application, in addition to the elements specified in the first paragraph, the Minister takes into account the impact of the act contemplated on the destination, in particular the social or community vocation, of the building and the observations submitted by the cooperative sector.
Before denying an authorization, the Minister must notify the applicant as prescribed by section 5 of the Act respecting administrative justice (chapter J-3) and give the applicant the opportunity to submit observations.
2015, c. 3, s. 33.