C-61.1 - Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife

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97. The Government may, by regulation, determine
(1)  classes of leases of exclusive hunting, fishing or trapping rights;
(2)  for each class of lease, the conditions for obtaining, transferring and renewing a lease, the term of a lease and the method of computing and conditions of payment of the annual rent for a lease;
(3)  the standards and conditions the lessee must observe regarding the construction and location of buildings and structures and the maximum value of such improvements or structures;
(4)  the types or categories of buildings and structures that are not subject to compensation or purchase under this division;
(5)  the criteria for fixing the amount of compensation payable under this division;
(6)  the territories in which exclusive hunting, fishing and trapping rights have been leased and, where the practice of and access to recreational activities are controlled, the control period and the obligations of the lessee;
(7)  the conditions to be observed by a person who carries on, in the territories contemplated in paragraph 6, a recreational activity other than the activities for which exclusive rights have been leased or enters such territories for the purpose of carrying on such an activity.
1983, c. 39, s. 97.