C-61.1 - Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife

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73.1. The Minister may establish a fish-stocking plan for a territory governed by Chapter IV, in conjunction with a lessee of exclusive fishing rights, an agency that is party to a memorandum of agreement, a Native community that is party to an agreement referred to in section 24.1, an agency or body that is party to a contract referred to in section 109, 118, 120, 126 or 127, or the Société.
Despite any regulation made under paragraph 1 or 3 of section 73, such a plan may contain different restrictions regarding fish that may be stocked.
A fish-stocking plan established by the Minister is published on the Internet site of the department or by any other means. It comes into force on the date of its publication or on any later date specified in the plan.
2009, c. 49, s. 13.