C-11.4 - Charter of Ville de Montréal, metropolis of Québec

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124. The city may enter into a contract with any person to entrust the person with the provision of road service and vehicle towing services, in any part of its territory not covered by a regulation made by the Government under section 12.1.1 of the Act respecting the Ministère des Transports (chapter M‐28), in respect of any vehicle that obstructs traffic or constitutes a hazard on a public road.
Where a by-law adopted under section 123 is in force, the contract referred to in the first paragraph may be entered into only with a holder of the appropriate permit. The contract may, however, contain stipulations that depart from the provisions of the by-law adopted under subparagraphs 7 to 10 of the second paragraph of that section.
Road service and vehicle towing services that are covered by a contract entered into under this section may be provided, if the vehicle no longer obstructs traffic or no longer constitutes a hazard on the public road, by a person other than the person authorized under the contract.
2000, c. 56, Sch. I, s. 124.