A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

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85.2. Despite the Municipal Aid Prohibition Act (chapter I-15), the municipality may, by by-law, adopt a revitalization program for a sector it delimits within a zone specified in the zoning by-law in which most of the buildings are at least 20 years old and in which less than 25% of the area is made up of vacant lots.
The program shall determine, as applicable,
(1)  the persons or classes of persons that may benefit from it;
(2)  the buildings or classes of buildings covered by it;
(3)  the nature of activities covered;
(4)  the nature of financial assistance, including a tax credit, that may be granted and the duration of the assistance, which may not exceed five years; and
(5)  the terms and conditions governing its implementation.
2005, c. 6, s. 131.