A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

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80.3. The Minister shall, by regulation, set any requirement relating to public participation for the purposes of this Act and to the content of a public participation policy.
The regulation must be aimed at ensuring that
(1)  the decision-making process is transparent;
(2)  citizens are consulted before decisions are made;
(3)  the information disseminated is complete, coherent and adapted to the circumstances;
(4)  citizens are given a real opportunity to influence the process;
(5)  elected municipal officers are actively present in the consultation process;
(6)  deadlines are adapted to the circumstances and allow citizens sufficient time to assimilate the information;
(7)  procedures are put in place to allow all points of view to be expressed and foster reconciliation of the various interests;
(8)  rules are adapted according to, in particular, the purpose of the amendment, the participation of citizens or the nature of the comments made; and
(9)  a reporting mechanism is put in place at the end of the process.
In its policy, the local municipality must state whether it deems the policy to be compliant with the regulation made under this section and whether it avails itself of section 80.2.
The Minister may, in exercising that power, establish different rules on the basis of any relevant criterion or for any group of municipalities.
2017, c. 132017, c. 13, s. 4.