A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

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141. (Replaced).
1979, c. 51, s. 141; 1987, c. 57, s. 674.
141. The secretary-treasurer of the municipality, acting as secretary of the meeting, shall read the by-law and submit it to the persons present and qualified to vote on the by-law; two hours after the end of the reading of the by-law, it is deemed to have received the approval of the persons qualified to vote, unless the number of such persons present who have requested that a poll be held is
(1)  not less than thirteen, plus ten per cent of the number of persons qualified to vote in excess of the first twenty-five, when the number of such electors is more than twenty-five;
(2)  not less than the majority, if the number of persons qualified to vote is twenty-five or less.
1979, c. 51, s. 141.