A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

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117.16.1. A municipality may use the regulatory powers provided for in this division to obtain land or amounts to enable it to comply with its obligations under sections 272.10 and 272.12 of the Education Act (chapter I-13.3). When a municipality uses those powers for such a purpose, sections 117.1 to 117.16 apply, with the necessary modifications and subject to the following:
(1)  despite section 117.4, the municipality may in all cases require the transfer of land whose area exceeds 10% of the area of the site, but must then pay the owner an amount equivalent to the value of the portion of land that exceeds that percentage, calculated in accordance with section 117.6;
(2)  except in the case provided for in subparagraph 1, if, with respect to the same site, the municipality requires the transfer of land or the payment of an amount under this section and section 117.1, the total contribution required from the owner may not exceed the limits provided for in section 117.4; and
(3)  transferred land and amounts paid into the special fund referred to in the second paragraph of section 117.15 must be used only for the purposes set out in the fourth paragraph of that section.
If it appears that land or amounts cannot be used for the purposes set out in the first paragraph, the municipality may use them in accordance with the first and third paragraphs of section 117.15.
2020, c. 12020, c. 1, s. 167.