T-15.1 - Act to establish the Administrative Labour Tribunal

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59. The renewal of a Tribunal member’s term must be examined according to the procedure established by government regulation. The regulation may, in particular,
(1)  authorize the establishment of committees;
(2)  determine the composition of the committees and the mode of appointment of committee members, who must not belong to the Administration within the meaning of the Public Administration Act (chapter A-6.01) or represent it;
(3)  determine the criteria to be taken into account by a committee; and
(4)  determine the information a committee may require from a Tribunal member and the consultations it may hold.
An examination committee may not make a recommendation against the renewal of a Tribunal member’s term without first informing the member of its intention to do so and its reasons for doing so, and without giving the member an opportunity to make representations.
The members of an examination committee cannot be prosecuted for an act performed in good faith in the exercise of their functions.
2015, c. 15, s. 59.