T-11.1 - Act respecting transportation by taxi

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93. The Commission may issue a restricted specialized taxi permit authorizing the transportation, for remuneration, of persons by antique automobile to every person who applies for such a permit and satisfies the conditions established by regulation of the Government.
The permit shall relate to one automobile and be issued for all the territory of Québec.
Sections 4, 21, the first paragraph of section 26 and sections 49, 50, 51 to 59 and 61 do not apply to the permit.
1983, c. 46, s. 93; 1993, c. 12, s. 24.
93. The Commission, before issuing a permit to a firm, shall fix the maximum number of automobiles that may be operated under the permit, which may in no case exceed the number of automobiles registered in the name of that firm on 16 November 1983 for the type of transportation authorized.
1983, c. 46, s. 93.