S-6.2 - Act respecting pre-hospital emergency services

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170. Any person who, on 31 May 2011, is the holder of a valid ambulance technician qualification card issued by an agency or Corporation d’urgences-santé de la région de Montréal Métropolitain and is employed in that capacity by the Corporation or an ambulance service permit holder shall be registered of right in the national workforce registry maintained by the Minister under paragraph 10 of section 3.
The Corporation d’urgences-santé and every agency in whose territory a permit holder operates an ambulance service shall take the necessary measures to furnish to the national medical director of pre-hospital emergency services the list of all the persons to whom the first paragraph applies, within one month after the coming into force of the regulation respecting the conditions to be met by an ambulance technician for registration in the national workforce registry established by the Government under section 64.
2002, c. 69, s. 170; 2005, c. 32, s. 308.