S-4.1.1 - Educational Childcare Act

Full text
90.1. In order to foster social cohesion and facilitate the integration of children without regard to social or ethnic origin or religious affiliation, subsidized childcare providers must ensure that
(1)  children’s admission is not related to their learning a specific religious belief, dogma or practice;
(2)  the objective of educational activities and communication is not to teach such a belief, dogma or practice; and
(3)  a repeated activity or practice stemming from a religious precept is not authorized if its aim, through words or actions, is to teach children a specific religious belief, dogma or practice.
However, the purpose of the first paragraph is not to prevent
(1)  a special cultural event linked to a celebration with a religious connotation or a celebration originating from a religious tradition;
(2)  a diet based on a religious precept or a tradition;
(3)  the establishment of a program of activities to reflect the diversity of cultural and religious realities; and
(4)  participation in an activity whose theme is inspired by a custom.
The Minister may, by a directive to subsidized childcare providers and home childcare coordinating offices, prescribe special terms to govern the application and implementation of this section.
2017, c. 192017, c. 19, s. 20.