S-4.1.1 - Educational Childcare Act

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11.1. In assessing the criteria set out in subparagraph 1.2 of the first paragraph of section 11, the Minister consults the advisory committee concerned established under section 103.5 and considers, in particular,
(1)  as regards feasibility: the applicant’s ability to complete his or her project according to realistic funding and deadlines;
(2)  as regards relevance: whether the project meets the childcare service needs and priorities for developing such services in the territory where the applicant wishes to set up operations; and
(3)  as regards quality: the correlation between the childcare services offered and the means used to carry out the project, the choice of the facility’s location and the means implemented to ensure sound, efficient management of the day care centre’s human, material, financial and information resources.
If the application concerns a Native community, the Minister consults that community only.
2017, c. 312017, c. 31, s. 7.