S-4.1.1 - Educational Childcare Act

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101.28. If the Minister considers that information disclosed to the Minister may be disclosed under section 26 of the Anti-Corruption Act (chapter L‑6.1), the Minister forwards the information, as soon as possible, to the Anti-Corruption Commissioner. The Minister also forwards the information necessary to prosecute an offence under an Act to a body responsible for the prevention, detection or repression of crime or statutory offences, including a police force or a professional order.
The Minister puts an end to the examination or processing of the disclosure, or continues it, according to the terms agreed to with the body to which the Minister has forwarded the information.
If the Minister considers it appropriate, the Minister notifies the person who made the disclosure that the information has been forwarded.
2016, c. 342016, c. 34, s. 48.