S-3 - Public Buildings Safety Act

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41. An inspector may, if he considers it appropriate, issue a notice indicating to the owner of the public building the defects he has noted, and fix a period of time to enable the owner to comply with this Act or the regulations.
Moreover, the inspector may in such notice require that the owner take during such period any suppletory measure he thinks necessary to render the building safe for the persons residing therein, frequenting it or having access thereto.
R. S. 1964, c. 149, s. 41; 1989, c. 8, s. 11.
41. (1)  The inspector, after having pointed out to the owner of any building the defects which may exist, whether in the construction of the building or in the installation and maintenance thereof, or any other defects resulting from the absence of anything required for the protection of human life, shall suggest the work which he thinks necessary, leaving however, to the owner, the choice of the changes to be made so that his establishment shall be kept in accordance with the law and regulations.
(2)  Upon receipt of the regulations adopted in virtue of this act, every person interested may call upon the inspector for the district to visit his establishment. The inspector shall point out whatever faults he may find.
(3)  If the application of the regulations necessitates a considerable change in the arrangements of the building, a delay shall be granted, proportioned to the importance of the changes deemed necessary. When such delay has elapsed, the regulations adopted in virtue of this act shall be given full effect.
(4)  The delay granted to the owner to perform his obligations shall be left to the discretion of the inspector.
R. S. 1964, c. 149, s. 41.