S-31.1 - Business Corporations Act

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425. In connection with an application for an investigation, the court may, at any time, make any order it thinks fit, including
(1)  an order to investigate;
(2)  an order appointing and determining the remuneration of an inspector, or replacing an inspector;
(3)  an order determining any notice to be given to interested persons or any other person;
(4)  an order authorizing an inspector to enter any premises in which the court is satisfied there might be relevant information, and to examine any thing and make copies of any document found on the premises;
(5)  an order requiring any person to make available to the inspector any information concerning the business or affairs of the corporation and any related document;
(6)  an order authorizing the inspector to conduct a hearing, administer oaths, and examine any person on oath;
(7)  an order authorizing the inspector to prescribe rules for the conduct of hearings the inspector may be required to hold in the exercise of investigation powers;
(8)  an order giving directions to an inspector or any interested person;
(9)  an order requiring the inspector to make an interim or final report to the court;
(10)  an order determining whether a report of the inspector should be given to the applicant, whether copies should be sent to any person the court designates, or whether the report should be published;
(11)  an order requiring the inspector to suspend or discontinue an investigation; and
(12)  an order requiring the corporation to pay the costs of the investigation.
2009, c. 52, s. 425.