S-31.1 - Business Corporations Act

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167. The notice of meeting must specify the time and place of the meeting of shareholders as well as the business to be transacted. It must also specify the time, not exceeding 48 hours, excluding Saturdays and holidays, preceding the meeting or the resumption of a meeting after an adjournment, before which the corporation must receive the proxies of the shareholders who wish to be represented at the meeting.
The notice of meeting must state the business on the agenda in sufficient detail to permit the shareholders to form a reasoned judgment on it, and contain the text of any special resolution to be submitted to the meeting.
Business usually discussed at meetings of shareholders, such as the examination of the financial statements and the auditor’s report, the renewal of the auditor’s term and the election of directors, need not be included on the agenda.
2009, c. 52, s. 167.