S-3.1 - Act respecting safety in sports

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55.3. The board may, by regulation approved by the Government,
(1)  determine the form and content of a permit relating to a combat sports event and the terms and conditions of its issuance;
(2)  determine the conditions a person applying for a permit relating to a sports event must fulfil, the information and documents to be furnished, the fees payable, the terms and conditions of payment of the fees and of the duties referred to in section 45, the time when they must be paid and the percentage of the gross receipts derived from a sports event or the amount on the basis of which the duties referred to in the first paragraph of section 45 are established;
(3)  determine the amount and nature of the deposit and of the liability-insurance policy required of a person applying for a sports event organizer’s licence or for a licence to act as an official at a sports event;
(4)  determine the cases of licence cancellation or suspension, and the duration thereof;
(5)  determine the cases in which a deposit may be confiscated and the use that is to be made of any confiscated deposit;
(6)  fix the tariff of fees for officials at the holding of a sports event, and specify the cases where only a person designated and remunerated by the board may be an official;
(7)  establish standards relating to the equipment a person must use to engage in a combat sport at a sports event;
(8)  establish standards concerning the organization and holding of a sports event;
(9)  establish standards concerning the tenor of contracts entered into by the persons referred to in section 40 or 41, in particular with respect to their duration and the respective obligations of the parties, including those related to the purse and remuneration;
(10)  prescribe the nature and frequency of the medical examination required of contestants who participate in a combat sports event;
(11)  establish a health committee or any other committee necessary for the purposes of Chapter V and determine its composition and functions;
(12)  determine the cases in which a person authorized by the board under section 46.2.2 may take breath or urine samples from contestants participating in a sports event, and the procedure according to which the sample may be taken;
(13)  exempt classes of persons from the application of Chapter V or of a regulation respecting combat sports events, or of any provision thereof.
The duties payable under section 45 may vary according to the categories or classes of licences or permits or the capacity of the premises where sports events are held, as prescribed by the regulation.
1997, c. 79, s. 35.