S-3.1 - Act respecting safety in sports

Full text
46.37. The Minister may modify, suspend, cancel, revoke or refuse to renew the licence of a licence holder who
(1)  has been found guilty of an offence against this division or a regulation under this division;
(2)  no longer meets the conditions for a licence to be issued;
(3)  does not meet the requirements set out in sections 46.28 to 46.31;
(4)  is not ensuring compliance with a safety regulation under this Act;
(5)  did not obtain approval under the Firearms Act (Statutes of Canada, 1995, chapter 39) within 12 months following the date the licence was issued, or is no longer approved under that Act;
(6)  is not in operation within 12 months following the date the approval is granted, or has ceased operations permanently or for at least 12 months; or
(7)  represents, in the Minister’s view, a risk to public safety.
2007, c. 30, s. 14.