S-3.1 - Act respecting safety in sports

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46.2.7. Notwithstanding sections 40 and 41, the permits or licences authorizing a person to act in any of the capacities referred to in the said sections at a sports event held in the territory defined in an agreement concerning combat sports concluded between the Government and a Mohawk community are determined in the agreement and issued by the authority designated in the agreement. The departure from sections 40 and 41 is valid only if the agreement is complied with.
The designated authority and the persons authorized to act on its behalf have the powers necessary for verifying and ensuring compliance with the conditions for the issue of the permits or licences and the conditions of the permits or licences determined under the agreement, in particular the powers conferred by this chapter in matters of inspection, and cannot be sued or prosecuted for an official act performed in good faith in the exercise of their functions.
Permits and licences issued by the board under section 40 or 41 in the designated territory before the effective date of the agreement become, on that date, permits and licences issued in accordance with the agreement.
1999, c. 53, s. 15.