S-3.1 - Act respecting safety in sports

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46. The board may refuse to issue a licence or permit
(1)  where the applicant has been convicted of a penal or indictable offence related to a sports event;
(2)  where the applicant is unable to establish the competence and integrity required to engage in the activity for which the licence or permit is applied for, owing to previous conduct in connection with an activity referred to in section 40 or 41;
(3)  where the board has reasonable grounds to believe that the licence or permit must be refused to ensure that, in the public interest, professional combat sports are engaged in with competence and integrity and that their good reputation is maintained;
(4)  where the board has reasonable grounds to believe that the application is being made for the benefit of another person.
The grounds for refusal referred to in subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph shall remain valid for five years after the expiry of the term of imprisonment fixed in the sentence and, in the case of the imposition of a fine only or of a suspended sentence, five years from the date of conviction, unless the applicant has been granted a pardon.
1979, c. 86, s. 46; 1997, c. 79, s. 17.
46. The board may, in writing, delegate a person to exercise the powers provided in section 45.
1979, c. 86, s. 46.