S-29.01 - Act respecting trust companies and savings companies

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314.2. For the purposes of section 328, a company that fails to comply with the guidelines referred to in section 314.1 is presumed to have failed to adhere to sound and prudent management practices as provided for in subparagraphs 1 to 3 of the second paragraph of that section, or to have failed to comply with the requirements under section 153.1 or adhere to the commercial practices referred to in section 177.3, as the case may be.
2002, c. 45, s. 605; 2008, c. 7, s. 129.
314.2. A company that does not comply with the guidelines is presumed, for the purposes of sections 328 and 337 to 349, not to be adhering to sound and prudent management practices.
2002, c. 45, s. 605.