S-2.1 - Act respecting occupational health and safety

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210. The functions of a safety representative are
(1)  to inspect workplaces;
(2)  to receive copies of accident notices and investigate incidents that have caused or could have caused an accident;
(3)  to identify situations that may be a source of danger to construction workers;
(4)  to make such recommendations to the job-site committee, or if there is no such committee, to the construction workers or their union or association and the employer, as he deems appropriate;
(5)  to assist construction workers in the exercise of their rights under this Act and the regulations;
(6)  to accompany the inspector on visits of inspection;
(7)  to intervene in cases where a worker exercises his right of refusal;
(8)  to submit complaints to the Commission.
1979, c. 63, s. 210; 1985, c. 6, s. 546.