S-2.1 - Act respecting occupational health and safety

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206. The functions of a job-site committee are
(1)  to supervise the application of the prevention program;
(2)  in view of the safety of the construction workers, to supervise the setting up and operation of mechanisms to coordinate the activities of employers who are on the construction site simultaneously;
(3)  to receive suggestions and complaints from the construction workers or their unions or associations, the employers and the principal contractor, regarding occupational health and safety;
(4)  to receive copy of notices of accident and submit appropriate recommendations to the principal contractor, the employer, or the Commission;
(5)  to receive and study the reports of inspections carried out on the construction site;
(6)  to receive and examine the statistical data compiled by the agency or the Commission;
(7)  to transmit to the Commission such information as it may require, in accordance with the regulations.
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