R-9 - Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan

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23.1. (Repealed).
1981, c. 23, s. 48; 2009, c. 41, s. 1; 2015, c. 20, s. 40.
23.1. The functions of the citizen service committee include formulating policy directions for services to citizens, submitting them to the board of directors and following up on them.
1981, c. 23, s. 48; 2009, c. 41, s. 1.
23.1. In addition to the members of the board of directors, the Government may appoint up to three vice-presidents to the Board.
Such vice-presidents shall be appointed for a term of not over five years, subject to the contract contemplated in section 23.2; they shall remain in office, notwithstanding the expiry of their term, until they are replaced or re-appointed.
1981, c. 23, s. 48.