R-9 - Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan

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134.1. (Replaced).
1983, c. 12, s. 20; 1993, c. 15, s. 51.
134.1. From 1 January 1984 and notwithstanding section 134, where the surviving spouse, under 65 years of age, of a contributor first becomes entitled to a surviving spouse’s pension provided for in this Act or to a retirement pension under this Act or under a similar plan, having become entitled to the other such pension, the surviving spouse’s pension payable to the surviving spouse thereafter is a basic monthly amount equal to the sum of the two following amounts:
(a)  a flat rate benefit calculated and, where required, adjusted in accordance with section 132, and
(b)  an amount equal to the lesser of the two following amounts:
i.  37.5% of the amount of the contributor’s retirement pension, calculated as provided in section 135 and adjusted, where required, in accordance with the third or fourth paragraph of section 132, and
ii.  the difference between 1/12 of 25% of the average of the Maximum Pensionable Earnings for the year in which the surviving spouse first became entitled to a retirement pension or to a surviving spouse’s retirement pension, having become entitled to the other such pension, and for each of the two preceding years, and the amount of the surviving spouse’s pension.
1983, c. 12, s. 20.