R-9.2 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Peace Officers in Correctional Services

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4.1. (Replaced).
1990, c. 87, s. 16; 2004, c. 39, s. 1.
4.1. An employee who ceases to be a member of this plan and who, within 180 days after the date on which this plan ceased to apply to him, becomes a member of the staff of a minister or of a person referred to in section 124.1 of the Act respecting the National Assembly (chapter A-23.1) is a member of this plan if he is entitled to re-assignment to a position where this plan would apply to him.
If the employee is not entitled to such re-assignment, he may be a member of this plan if he applies therefor and if the Government adopts an order to that effect. The order may have effect 12 months or less prior to its adoption.
1990, c. 87, s. 16.