R-24.1 - Act respecting electoral representation

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39.2. Where an order instituting the holding of a by-election is issued after the publication of the list of electoral divisions in the Gazette officielle du Québec and where the annual enumeration is held entirely during the election period, the annual enumeration shall not be held in the territory where the election is held.
The chief electoral officer may make an enumeration in the territory referred to in the first paragraph as soon as circumstances allow it after the election. He may, if he considers it preferable and with the consent of each authorized party represented in the National Assembly by not less than twelve Members of Parliament elected under the banner of that party or which obtained not less than 20% of the votes validly cast at the last general election, divide up the electors registered on the electoral lists in force at the time of the by-election in the polling subdivisions whose boundaries are established under section 36.
1987, c. 28, s. 18.