R-24.1 - Act respecting electoral representation

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The electoral division of Îles-de-la-Madeleine is situated in the gulf of St Lawrence, between parallels 47°10′ and 48°00′ North latitude and meridians 61°00′ and 62°20′ West longitude and comprises Île d’Entrée, Havre Aubert (Amherst) island, Havre aux Maisons island, Cap aux Meules (Grindstone) island, Île au Loup, Grosse Île, Île de la Grande Entrée, Shag island, Brion island, the rochers aux Margaux, the rocher aux Oiseaux, the Corps Mort (Dead man’s island) and other islands situated wholly or in part within such boundaries.
This electoral division comprises the village municipalities of Cap-aux-Meules and Île d’Entrée, and the municipalities of Fatima, Grande-Entrée, Grosse-Île, Havre-aux-Maisons, Île-du-Havre-Aubert and L’Étang-du-Nord.
1987, c. 28, s. 22.