R-20 - Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and workforce management in the construction industry

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85.7. A competency certificate or a proof of exemption must contain the following information on the holder:
(1)  name;
(2)  address and region of domicile;
(3)  date of birth;
(4)  identification number; and
(5)  trade or occupation, in the case of a competency certificate.
The competency certificate or proof of exemption states the date on which it becomes valid and that on which it expires, and must include a photo of the employee as well as any other information required by law.
2011, c. 30, s. 48.
This section, insofar as it concerns the employee’s photo, comes into force on the date to be set by the Government (2011, c. 30, s. 88, par. 4).