R-20 - Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and workforce management in the construction industry

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35.1. (Repealed).
1993, c. 61, s. 19; 1995, c. 8, s. 17.
35.1. The sectorial representativeness of an association of employees for negotiation purposes corresponds to the percentage that the result determined in respect of that association under the second paragraph is of the total of the results so determined in that sector in respect of all the associations whose names were published pursuant to section 29.
The degree of representativeness of each association as determined under section 35 is multiplied by the percentage that the number of hours of work declared for each sector in respect of the employees who made an election respecting that association in accordance with section 32 is of the total number of hours of work declared in the industry as a whole in respect of the employees who made an election in respect of that association.
The number of hours of work is the number of hours declared as having been worked, according to the monthly reports sent to the Commission by employers, during the first 12 of the 15 complete calendar months preceding the month during which the ballot provided for in section 32 is held.
1993, c. 61, s. 19.