R-17 - Act respecting supplemental pension plans

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65. The curator shall have access to the documents pertaining to the plan under trusteeship and any person having charge of such documents shall put them at the disposal of the curator at his request.
With the permission of the Board, the curator may take possession of the documents and of all the assets of the plan, including bank and trust accounts and monies deposited at the bank or in trust. In that case, he shall make an inventory.
The curator may, on motion, obtain from a judge of the Superior Court an order enjoining any person who fails to comply with a request made under the preceding paragraphs to give the curator the required access or to deliver to him the documents or assets involved.
Similarly, the curator may, if necessary, obtain an order enjoining that the premises, closets or safes where the above mentioned documents and assets are deposited, be opened by force.
1975, c. 18, s. 16.