R-17 - Act respecting supplemental pension plans

Full text
6. The Board shall have the following functions and powers in addition to those assigned to it by the Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan:
(a)  to promote the establishment and improvement of supplemental plans throughout Québec;
(b)  to register supplemental plans which comply with the standards;
(c)  to approve amendments to registered plans;
(d)  to cancel the registration of supplemental plans which no longer comply with the standards;
(e)  with the approval of the Government, to designate or establish an agency for the purposes of receiving, holding and disbursing pension credits;
(f)  to put a supplemental plan under trusteeship when, after investigation, the Board is of opinion that the beneficiaries’ interests are jeopardized, and to appoint a curator;
(g)  to release a supplemental plan from trusteeship when, after investigation, it is established that the plan again complies with the standards and that the beneficiaries’ interests are safeguarded;
(h)  to conduct surveys and research programmes respecting supplemental plans;
(i)  to perform such other functions as are assigned to it by the Government or as are delegated to it under similar legislation.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 25, s. 6.