R-17 - Act respecting supplemental pension plans

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41. All pension credits relating to pensions or parts of pensions mentioned in each of the following subparagraphs shall be paid first:
(a)  the deferred annuity prescribed in sections 31 to 33 with respect to every former employee and every present employee as if he had terminated his employment on the day the plan terminated;
(b)  that part of the pensions in payment and of the retirement pensions of employees having opted for deferred retirement arising from the contributions, other than voluntary additional contributions, made with respect to such pensions from the qualification date;
(c)  the pension with respect to any former or present employee, other than an employee contemplated in subparagraphs a and b, arising from his contributions, other than voluntary additional contributions, made from the qualification date;
(d)  that part of any pension arising from voluntary additional contributions.
If the pension credits contemplated in subparagraphs a to d cannot be paid in whole, each employee or beneficiary contemplated therein shall be entitled to a proportionate share of his pension credit.
1975, c. 18, s. 13.