R-12 - Act respecting the Civil Service Superannuation Plan

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99.19. (Repealed).
1987, c. 47, s. 153; 1989, c. 76, s. 15.
99.19. The actuarial value of the benefits resulting from the measures provided in subdivision 3, except the value resulting from benefits under section 99.13, shall be funded by the difference between
(1)  the amount of the contributions paid by the officers and the contributory amounts paid by the employers for the period comprised between 31 December 1986 and 1 January 1990; and
(2)  the amount of the contributions that would have been paid, for the same period, by the officers and the contributory amounts that would have been paid by the employers on the basis of the result of the actuarial valuation of the plans provided for in this Act, as of 31 December 1984, if the Government had, from 1 January 1987 and in accordance with section 177 of the Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan (chapter R-10), revised the rate of contribution and if the rate had taken into account the introduction, for the purposes of eligibility for and computation of any pension, the criterion of eligibility enacted by subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph of section 56.
1987, c. 47, s. 153.