R-12.1 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Management Personnel

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152.8.2. The amount established under section 152.8.1 is payable in cash or by instalments spread, before the date of retirement, over the period and payable at the intervals determined by Retraite Québec or, if provided for in the employee’s conditions of employment, by using all or part of his or her accumulated sick leave. In the latter case, his or her employer shall pay all or part of the amount according to the terms determined by Retraite Québec. If paid by instalments, the amount bears interest, compounded annually, at the rate provided for in Schedule VIII in force on the date of receipt of the application, computed from the date on which the redemption proposal made by Retraite Québec expires.
2018, c. 42018, c. 4, s. 64.