R-10 - Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

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36.1.2. For the purposes of the first paragraph of section 36.1.1, the aggregate of any lump sum paid as an increase in or adjustment to the pensionable salary for a previous year and any amount paid during the year in which the employee ceases to participate in the plan and pertaining to pensionable salary for the days and parts of a day credited to the employee for the last days of the previous year is excluded from the pensionable salary established under the second and third paragraphs of section 36.1.1.
The amount referred to in the first paragraph is to be added to the results obtained under the first paragraph of section 36.1.1. However, for the purposes of subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph of that section, the amount is added before the application of the limit imposed by the first paragraph of section 18.1.
For the years and parts of a year of service credited after 31 December 1989, the amount referred to in the first paragraph is either the amount by which the pensionable salary of the employee established under the second and third paragraphs of section 36.1.1 exceeds the annual basic salary paid to the employee or that would have been paid to the employee under the conditions of employment applicable on the last credited day of the year, multiplied by the service credited to the employee during the year, or, if the employee simultaneously holds more than one pensionable employment under the plan during a year, the amount by which the employee’s pensionable salary exceeds the total annual basic salary for each employment multiplied by the credited service attached to each employment in accordance with sections 18 and 20 or 20.1 or 20.2. For the years prior to 2008, if the total service credited is reduced under section 20, the employee is deemed to hold only one employment and the annual basic salary for that employment is the salary attached to the employment held for a proportionally greater number of days in the year or, if such employments were held for proportionally the same number of days, the salary attached to the highest paid employment.
The service credited under section 74 and, for 1990 and 1991, the service credited under section 22 must not be counted for the purposes of the third paragraph.
2008, c. 25, s. 10; 2009, c. 56, s. 5.