R-10 - Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

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114. (Repealed).
1973, c. 12, s. 101; 1983, c. 24, s. 1; 2004, c. 39, s. 125.
114. Every employee is entitled to be credited, for pension purposes under this plan, with the years and parts of a year of service performed under the superannuation plan of the members of the Sûreté du Québec,
(1)  if he has not been reimbursed his contributions;
(2)  if he is not entitled to a pension or deferred annuity under the said plan.
The contributions collected under the said plan are credited to the employee up to the amount of the contributions that he would have paid under this plan.
1973, c. 12, s. 101; 1983, c. 24, s. 1.
114. The administrator of a supplemental plan contemplated in this division shall, within six months from the end of each fiscal year, forward to the Commission a copy of the annual report required by the Québec Pension Plan under the Act respecting supplemental pension plans.
He shall also, within 90 days after having received it, forward a copy of each actuarial valuation to the Commission.
1973, c. 12, s. 101.