R-10 - Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

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70.2. (Replaced).
1982, c. 51, s. 23; 1983, c. 24, s. 1.
70.2. A person 65 years of age or over but under 71 may hold an employment contemplated in this plan and receive benefits as a pensioner by way of
(1)  a pension under this plan, the Teachers Pension Plan, the Civil Service Superannuation Plan or the plans established by the Government under sections 7 and 8,
(2)  a pension contemplated in section 108,
(3)  pension credit under this plan and the Act respecting pension coverage for certain teachers (1978, chapter 16), including any amount paid under section 24 of the said Act, or
(4)  an annual pension contemplated in section 106.
1982, c. 51, s. 23.