R-0.2 - Act respecting the determination of the causes and circumstances of death

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170. Every person is guilty of an offence who, by act or omission,
(1)  contravenes section 34, the second paragraph of section 35, sections 36 to 43 or section 78;
(2)  does not comply with a regulation made under section 167 to contravene which is an offence;
(3)  does not comply with an order of the Chief Coroner, a Deputy Chief Coroner or a coroner, except where this Act stipulates that non-compliance with the order constitutes contempt of court;
(4)  hinders or attempts to hinder the Chief Coroner, a Deputy Chief Coroner, a coroner or a person authorized to act under this Act, in the performance of his duties.
1983, c. 41, s. 170.