Q-2 - Environment Quality Act

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31.60. The Minister may amend any rehabilitation plan approved pursuant to the provisions of this division on the request of the person or municipality required to implement the plan.
The request to amend the plan must be notified to any land owner not required to implement the plan, with a notice indicating the time within which the owner may present observations to the Minister. If the rehabilitation plan to be amended provides for land use restrictions, it may not be amended unless the owner has given consent in writing to the amendments and the consent document has been transmitted to the Minister with the request for amendment.
In addition, if an amendment to a rehabilitation plan is such that it modifies land use restrictions, the person or municipality requesting the amendment must immediately apply for registration of the amendment in the land register by means of a notice setting out the modifications. As of the registration of the notice, the amended rehabilitation plan is effective against third persons and any subsequent acquirer of the land is bound by the charges and obligations provided for in the rehabilitation plan as regards land use restrictions.
The provisions of the last paragraph of section 31.58 apply, with the necessary modifications, to the notice.
2002, c. 11, s. 2.