Q-2 - Environment Quality Act

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31.50. An order under section 31.43 or 31.49 is without prejudice to civil remedies available to the person or municipality subject to the order for the total or partial recovery of the costs incurred to comply with the order or of any increase in the value of the land as a result of the rehabilitation.
1990, c. 26, s. 4; 2000, c. 42, s. 209; 2002, c. 11, s. 2.
Not in force
31.50. Within 15 days after ascertaining that the contaminant found in the soil is in a quantity or concentration equal to or lesser than that established by regulation under paragraph a of section 31.52 and after notifying the owner of the soil within the same period, the Minister shall request the cancellation of the registration of the notice by filing an application therefor with the registrar.
The Minister shall give notice of the cancellation to the owner of the soil and to the secretary-treasurer or clerk of the municipality where the soil is located, who shall place it at the disposal of the public.
The Minister shall publish a notice of the cancellation in a daily newspaper having general circulation in the region where the soil concerned is located.
1990, c. 26, s. 4; 2000, c. 42, s. 209.