Q-2 - Environment Quality Act

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31.35. (Repealed).
1988, c. 49, s. 8; 2017, c. 42017, c. 4, s. 28.
31.35. Where applicable, the depollution attestation shall set out the following elements:
(1)  the contaminant discharge standards set down by the Minister under section 31.37;
(2)  a corrective program determined by the Minister, the object of which is to oblige the holder of a depollution attestation to comply, in accordance with the requirements and time limits determined therein, with the contaminant discharge standards referred to in paragraph 3 of section 31.34 and paragraph 1 of this section;
(3)  the measures required to prevent the accidental occurrence of a contaminant in the environment.
1988, c. 49, s. 8.