Q-2 - Environment Quality Act

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31.33. The Minister shall determine the conditions, restrictions and prohibitions applicable to the operation of the works referred to in section 31.32.
Those conditions, restrictions and prohibitions concern, in particular,
(1)  contaminant release standards;
(2)  overflow standards;
(3)  methods for collecting, analyzing and calculating contaminant releases;
(4)  methods for collecting, preserving and analyzing water, air, soil and residual material samples;
(5)  standards for installing and operating any apparatus or equipment;
(6)  the imposition of a corrective program in cases requiring one;
(7)  the imposition of a municipal water management master plan in the cases determined by government regulation; and
(8)  measures required to prevent accidental occurrences of contaminants in the environment.
The Minister shall issue a depollution attestation for that purpose.
Before issuing an attestation under this section, the Minister must notify the prior notice prescribed by section 5 of the Act respecting administrative justice (chapter J‑3) to the person concerned and grant the latter at least 15 days to submit observations. The notice must be accompanied by the attestation he intends to issue.
1988, c. 49, s. 8; 2017, c. 42017, c. 4, s. 27.
31.33. The Minister shall issue a depollution attestation to every municipality which operates wastewater treatment works.
1988, c. 49, s. 8.