Q-1 - Act respecting building contractors vocational qualifications

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79. Every contractor other than those contemplated in section 76 or in section 77 who has forwarded to the Office de la construction du Québec, within the twelve months preceding 15 November 1975, a monthly report in accordance with the Act respecting labour relations in the construction industry (chapter R-20) and whose name appears on a list furnished for that purpose by the Office on a request by the board is entitled, from 15 November 1975, to obtain from the board, upon application and after payment of the duties exigible, a licence appropriate to the category and subcategory of construction work that he was generally carrying out before 15 November 1975.
However, such contractors must apply therefor in writing to the board before 15 May 1976.
1975, c. 53, s. 79; 1975, c. 51, s. 37.