P-9.1 - Act respecting liquor permits

Full text
85.1. The board may impose an administrative monetary penalty in an amount prescribed by regulation if
(1)  the permit holder is in contravention of section 72.1 due to a quantity of non-compliant alcoholic beverages not exceeding 3 litres of spirits, 6 litres of wine or 10 litres of beer being found during the same visit;
(2)  the permit holder keeps or allows to be kept in his establishment 10 or fewer containers of alcoholic beverages containing an insect, unless that insect is an ingredient used in making those alcoholic beverages;
(3)  the permit holder has contravened the second paragraph of section 79 by using a liquor permit without having applied for a temporary authorization to use it despite being required to do so;
(4)  the permit holder did not pay the duties payable for the permit within the time limit set out in section 53; or
(5)  the permit holder is guilty of a failure to comply referred to in the regulation made under paragraph 15.2 of section 114.
2016, c. 72016, c. 7, s. 73.