P-9.1 - Act respecting liquor permits

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160.1. In addition to the permits mentioned in section 25, the Régie may issue Québec 1534-1984 permits.
A permit issued under this section authorizes the sale, for consumption on the premises, of the alcoholic beverages indicated on the permit, from 15 June to 4 September 1984, and at the place designated on the permit when that is situated, in the city of Québec, on any part of the site of the Vieux Port de Québec, if access to the site is controlled by the Québec 1534-1984 corporation and the Canada Lands Company (Vieux Port de Québec) Inc. or, in the city of Lévis, on any part of the site known as the “Quai Paquet” if access to the site is controlled by the Québec 1534-1984 corporation. A person requesting such a permit is required to have obtained the approval of the Québec 1534-1984 corporation.
The permit may be operated in a room or on a terrace even if another permit authorizing consumption on the premises is in use there. In such a case, the operating conditions applicable to the “Québec 1534-1984” permit prevail for the duration of the permit.
The provisions of any Act and of any regulation applicable to a “Man and his World” permit apply, with the necessary modifications, to a “Québec 1534-1984” permit.
1984, c. 9, s. 1.