P-9.1 - Act respecting liquor permits

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16. (Repealed).
1979, c. 71, s. 16; 1991, c. 51, s. 3; 1993, c. 39, s. 77.
16. A director may decide alone, for the Régie, any question of procedure as well as cases and applications other than those which may involve the public interest or public tranquility, and other than those arising from the functions exercised by the Régie under the Act respecting the Société des alcools du Québec (chapter S-13).
1979, c. 71, s. 16; 1991, c. 51, s. 3.
16. Notwithstanding section 15, a director may decide alone any question of procedure and he may himself authorize an application contemplated in sections 79 and 84 relating to the temporary use of a permit or the temporary change of the place where a permit is used.
1979, c. 71, s. 16.